About Texas Rehabilitation Association

TRA's History
TRA is a state chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA). NRA was founded in 1925, with TRA founded in Texas in 1951. When you join TRA through our national association, your dues include national, regional, state, and local membership. There are 3 membership categories: Professional Member, Organization, and Student.

When you join TRA through our national association (NRA), your dues pay for national, regional, state, and local membership. There are three membership categories: Member, Organization, and Student. TRA members are encouraged to participate at all levels of the organization. Being an active member brings the opportunity to develop yourself as a professional, to network with other members, and to develop long-term relationships which can benefit not only the people you serve, but yourself as well. Members who attend training activities will receive a membership rate.

If you are student, TRA wants you to join us. We want to encourage you, as a student, to view rehabilitation as a rewarding career opportunity by developing relationships with our members who are working in the profession and by participating in training and local activities to develop skills as you prepare for work. Please visit our student page and visit us on Facebook.

The Texas Rehabilitation Association offers opportunities to recognize individuals and organizations that have provided outstanding contribution to the Rehabilitation community.

Take a look at TRA's ByLaws. 

NRA's Mission Statement
The National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) is a member organization that promotes ethical and state of the art practice in rehabilitation with the goal of the personal and economic independence of persons with disabilities. For more information about NRA, visit nationalrehab.org.


2020 TRA Officers and Board Members

  • President – Donnie Gatlin
  • President Elect – Brandy Borque
  • Vice President – Nichole Rideau
  • Secretary – Sabrina Parras
  • Treasurer (2-year term) – Tom King
  • Board Members 
    • Crystal George
    • Valeria Baeza
    • Giovanne Turincio
    • Sara Freeman-Smith
    • Rodrick Robinson
    • Wendy Mincer-Summers
    • Jeanie Hanzal
    • Kelechi Madubuko
    • Dr. Kim Finn

2019 TRA Officers and Board Members

  • President Elect – Rachita Sharma
  • Vice President – Brandy Borque
  • Secretary – Valeria Baeza
  • Treasurer (2 year term) – Tom King
  • Board Members 
    • Sara Freeman-Smith
    • Rodrick Robinson
    • Donnie Gatlin