TRA Members benefit from receiving the latest National and Regional rehabilitation related publications and news, participating in professional and educational seminars offering continuing education hours for certifications, and networking with professionals in the rehabilitation field. National Rehabilitation Association Members automatically receive free membership to TRA and area Sub Chapters. 

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Become a Member

Visit the National Rehabilitation Association website and become an NRA Member. You will then be added to the TRA Member list. Become an NRA member by visiting the NRA Membership Page.

Renew your NRA Membership

  • Pay $13.50 month dues by bank draft for Professional Membership. Complete the application, sign approval for bank draft and $1 monthly fee, and mail or e-mail the signed membership with copy of your check to
  • Pay full dues online on teh NRA Membership Page by credit card, or by mail with check or credit card.

Membership Benefits

  • TRA Annual Training Conference, offering continuing education credits and opportunities for exhibiting and advertising
  • Networking Opportunities on national, regional, state, and local levels
  • Awards at the national, regional, state, and local levels
  • Professional Divisions and the opportunity to join and participate at all levels of organization
  • Advocacy for persons with disabilities
  • Access to TRA website, TRA weblog and NRA Publications
  • Resource Access through TRA website links and networking
  • Professional Liability and Health Insurance through NRA resources


NRA also offers the opportunity to join the following professional divisions that focus on special rehabilitation issues:

  • Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (RCEA)
  • National Association for Independent Living (NAIL)
  • National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC)
  • National Association of Disability Benefits Specialists (NADBS)
  • National Association of Rehabilitation Support Staff (NARSS)
  • National Association of Service Providers in Private Rehabilitation (NASPPR)
  • National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership (NARL)
  • National Rehabilitation Association of Job Placement and Development (JPD)
  • Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association (VEWAA)