Disability Rights Texas Position Description – Bilingual Education Specialist

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Disability Rights Texas Position Description – Bilingual Education Specialist
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POSITION TITLE: Bilingual Education Specialist
REPORTS TO: Supervising Attorney / Coordinator of Operations

Position Summary
The Bilingual Education Specialist will work in assigned field office(s) and is charged with providing non-litigation case level and technical support services to probation involved youth, their families and probation officers. Under the direction of and in collaboration with the Supervising Attorney / Coordinator of Operations, this position exercises independent judgment within the confines of the probation department regulations, the limited scope contract of the County, and according to Disability Rights Texas’ policies and procedures while administering assigned case work. Duties often include interviewing clients, reviewing records, investigating facts, recognizing key issues, accompanying families to IEP/ARD and 504 meetings, negotiating favorable outcomes, mediating disputes, referring to other programs when appropriate, and providing technical assistance to county probation officers. Working nights and weekends will be regularly required and necessary.

In accordance with certain obligations imposed upon DRTx by the governmental entity engaging us to perform contractually based services, persons employed in this position must be cleared through a thorough and invasive fingerprint background investigation conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety (or a vendor engaged by them to do so) at hire and at least annually thereafter. Furthermore, employees will be immediately suspended if they are alleged in the course of their employment to have committed acts of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children, the elderly or persons with disabilities; or an offense against the client; an offense against the client’s family; an offense involving public indecency under Texas Penal Code; an offense under Chapter 481 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (Texas Controlled Substances Act); or any act or offense that can reasonably be associated with potential risk or harm or loss to probation involved youth. Convicted allegations may subject an employee to corrective actions up to and including termination of employment.

Physical/Mental Requirements
1. Uses personal computer approximately 6-7 hours per day.
2. Uses telephone and email to communicate with clients and other professionals, approximately 3-5 hours per day.
3. Spends approximately 1-3 hours per day in meetings.
4. Sits approximately 6-7 hours per day.
5. Requires working under a moderate degree of stress (time constraints; deadlines; multi-tasking high-level projects and issues; complex issues; and conflict resolution).
6. Regular travel outside of the primary base office required (40%)

Essential Functions
1. Follow and implement the probation department and organizational policies and procedures.
2. Master technical information of assigned and relevant statutes and policies.
3. Conceptualize and develop initial and ongoing case strategy for long and short term cases within the parameters set by the supervising attorney.
4. Develop and maintain a caseload within the level set by the supervising attorney.
5. Clearly communicate relevant case information to clients, fellow staff members, other stakeholders and necessary parties, throughout the case.
6. Be thorough in all case work with clear and effective oral/written communications, timely capturing and documenting all pertinent information, and provide comprehensive analysis of cases when called upon.
7. Assist clients through the process of case advocacy and negotiations.
8. Develop materials for Training and Technical Assistance programs about matters relating to probation involved youth, their families, and probation officers.
9. Provide appropriate information, materials, referral, and short-term case level services.
10. Continually educate oneself in order to increase juvenile probation related knowledge and to keep abreast of changing regulations, policies, laws and similar issues.
11. Travel as needed to provide case and other related services.
12. Work on evenings and weekends as needed to provide services.
13. Appropriately internal and external case management software(s), prioritize tasks as needed and multi-task numerous responsibilities in a timely manner.
14. Establish personal credibility with all relevant parties to be an effective partner advisor.
15. Apply the principles of the organization’s vision and values in all work-related business and interactions.
16. Perform other duties as requested or required.

Required Qualifications
1. Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Education, Social Work or other related field of study plus two (2) years previous related experience with demonstrated success working with persons with disabilities as well as, preferably, probation involved youth and families --or-- four (4) years previous related experience with demonstrated success working with persons with disabilities as well as, preferably, probation involved youth and families.
2. Demonstrated functional knowledge of complex laws, regulations, and programs on both the State and Federal level affecting probation involved youth, and persons with disabilities, and special education.
3. Ability to work well with others in a team environment, but also independently.
4. Willingness to take direction and ability to independently follow through on all instructions in a timely fashion.
5. Demonstrated ability to manage individual workloads so that services are delivered timeline and appropriately.
6. Knowledge and skills to appropriately implement case strategies.
7. Ability to multitask, prioritize conflicting assignments, and work under challenging conditions while meeting required deadlines.
8. Initiative in following up on a case timely to get the best possible outcome.
9. Ability to do research and apply it effectively.
10. Strong and effective writing, verbal, and negotiating communications skills including the ability to do so in a concise manner, even when doing so regarding complex issues to a variety of people.
11. Experience in public speaking and developing effective presentations.
12. Excellent interpersonal, relationship-building and collaboration skills to be able to work effectively with others inside and outside of the organization; relationship builder with the flexibility and finesse to “manage by influence”.
13. Excellent detail-orientation, follow-up skills and organizational skills.
14. Strong computer literacy including working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
15. High level of commitment to service excellence.
16. High degrees of integrity, ethics and judgment are a must.
17. Bi-Lingual in Spanish – both written and spoken word

The purpose of this position description is to serve as a general summary and overview of the major duties and responsibilities of the job. It is not intended to represent the entirety of the job nor is it intended to be all-inclusive. Therefore, the position may be required or requested to perform for Disability Rights Texas other work duties not specifically listed herein. Management reserves the right to modify, defer or rescind this position description at any time, with or without prior notice.
Employee Acknowledgement:
I acknowledge that I have received, read and understand this description of the major duties and responsibilities of my position. I also understand that the position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, and that I may be called upon to perform other duties during the course of my employment.
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